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Just Open an Astrological Vein and Bleed (from Facebook, September 10, 2014)

A look back at the past, not in reflection as much as it is to share my journey into the world of astrology. Michael Erlewine posted a brilliant piece on Monday, and I finally had an opportunity to read it this morning:  MY LIFE AND TIMES AS AN ASTROLOGERTHE BEGINNING.[sidebar note here: You must be

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Way to go, Mercury and Jupiter!!

Oops!!! I made a mistake! I thought I had Top Writer in three categories. Triple that!!! I was named that in nine categories!!!  Forgive me, I think I’ll faint now!  :whistle:    :yahoo: I’m so psyched, I need to share it as a post and not in the Site News this time. Earlier today, two members of

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About Me

Michelle Young has been a professional astrologer since 1980 and a professional writer since 1988. A cover features writer and monthly columnist with Dell Horoscope for nearly nine years, Michelle covered the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, a first-term forecast analysis of former US President Bill Clinton, the attack of tennis player Monica Seles, celebrity

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