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The Peeling of Life’s Onion: Nightmare in Nice

Breaking News The Peeling of Life’s Onion: Nightmare in Nice Le Peeling de l’oignon de la vie: Nightmare à Nice Whenever I develop a new article, I try to find some art and some Youtubes to lighten the blow of the heavy news while enriching all of my articles–the heavier or the lighter ones. In that vein,

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South Carolina: Vote In, Flag Down–and Out! Mass Murder in South Carolina, Part 4

Please note: In 2015, long after I wrote this article, my understandings of the quindecile, a 24° aspect, were born out of the new–mathematically accurate–name for the 165° aspect, now called undecaquartisextile. Please read about the Undecaquartisextile as its related aspect patterns which can be found in the Pluto – Full On series. You’ll find the Pluto –

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