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Heartbreak in Kerala: A Tale of Undecaquartisextiles, Part 2

As I prepared to return to the article with this section, I found my thoughts returning to India and what makes it so alive, vibrating through my every pore. Although one friend there wondered whether I might have some Desi blood because of my having experienced no culture shock and just in case you’re wondering

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Pluto, Full On – Part 2: The Unexpected Again!

Pluto, Full On – Part 2 is not going to be the article I expected–yet. There is some tidying up to do–and a new name for all of us to wrap our minds around: A dear friend of several years now, Philip Graves, and I had a very important discussion this morning and through the

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Ireland and the Gay Marriage Vote

I’ve usually left Ireland and her inner conflicts alone because there are so many nations in the world one can follow, it just seemed as if I was spreading myself too thinly. Nations make changes by voting, by coups and other pressures that may revealed in shifting political and emotional moods across the land. But this

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