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The Peeling of Life’s Onion–The Problem and The Solution: “Am I My Brother’s Keeper?”

I heard about a story this week from Los Angeles. It’s a month old already, but that’s okay in this case. It didn’t make national headlines: No one took target practice with a gun or tried to terrorize anyone with knives or candies made into sheathed injurious weapons on boys and girls, at least not

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The Peeling of Life’s Onion – Next Cut

Please take note: this is actually the fourth article in the series on the Peeling of Life’s Onion. The other articles, in order, are On Astrology, Astrologers, Learning–and the Peeling of Life’s Onion, Saturn Goes to Church – the Peeling of Life’s Onion – in Layers and Textures, Part 1, and Saturn Goes to Church –

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Oregon: At least 15 dead in Mass Shootings at Community College

Rest assured, the Pluto, Full On series will be completed; but this is news now, and news still needs to be examined where we can… After posting this article, I re-checked the Oregon Live site, where the time had been updated to the 911 call coming in at 10:37 am. This accounts for what will

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