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The World Tapestry – Throwback to Pakistan’s 2010 Solar Return, Part 2

Part 1 April 30, 2016: Additional thoughts on the chart then–and now. Nicholas Campion in his Book of World Horoscopes, pages 230-232, quotes Salman Rushdie from Step Across the Line¬†(London: Vintage 2003, p. 429). “Citing an uncle who was ASDC to Field Marshall Claude Auchinlech, Rushdie wrote: “‘Midnight 13-14 August 1947: the partition of the

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The World Tapestry – Throwback to Pakistan’s 2010 Solar Return

While this will appear to be somewhat disjointed–and perhaps it is–this article needs a bit of a prelude to explain what happened in the months between the August 2010 Independence Day celebrations for both India and Pakistan and when I finally posted the Pakistan 2010 Solar Return in late February 2011 even though I’d posted

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The Peeling of Life’s Onion–The Problem and The Solution: “Am I My Brother’s Keeper?”

I heard about a story this week from Los Angeles. It’s a month old already, but that’s okay in this case. It didn’t make national headlines: No one took target practice with a gun or tried to terrorize anyone with knives or candies made into sheathed injurious weapons on boys and girls, at least not

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