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The World Mourns and Stands With You, UK, June 3, 2017, Part 2

This begins astrologer John Davenport‘s part of the article. I have done minor edits for cohesiveness while retaining the precise meaning John has intended. The choice of additional graphics in the form of art and videos was mine. Some charts used are repeats of those I used in Part 1. They’ve been repeated for continuity

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Who Needs the Soaps?

I used to think the drama of a few daily soaps on TV made real life carry a bit less of the “wow!” factor. That’s what got me hooked on two soaps several years ago–and they still catch my attention in particular when I’m home. It doesn’t really matter if a month of soap opera

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Pluto, Full On – Part 4: A Dancing Star Moves On to the Cosmos

Pluto, Full On series: Part 1,┬áPart 2,┬áPart 3 The email news from NASA began, “Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, lunar module pilot on Apollo 14, passed away Thursday in West Palm Beach, Fla., on the eve of the 45th anniversary of his lunar landing.” Those words, “on the eve of the 45th anniversary of his lunar landing”

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