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Ambush – A Peaceful Protest, A Deadly Night

The Dallas Morning News and the Washington Post report 11 police officers have been shot by what was originally thought to be two snipers “from elevated positions” in Dallas, Texas. One civilian has also been shot. Five of the officers, 4 Dallas police, and one a transit officer, are dead. The scene was chaotic as

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The World Tapestry: A Tribute to Muhammad Ali

One cannot cover a tribute like this without acknowledging the efforts of various media and not just one. So first, let me share the links with you. If you read nothing else of these links, please be sure to do so with the New York Times story. That’s a full-scale enormous tribute you won’t want to

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UPDATE:  CBS News is reporting that the situation appears to have been a murder-suicide, but this is still unconfirmed. I am not waiting to do pics and videos on this. It’s a live situation that needs to be covered now. NEWS ALERT! CNN TV, Washington Post, CBS News and NBC News are reporting on this now. It’s LIVE!

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