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The World Tapestry: Mayhem in Munich

July 22, 2016: I was feeling oddly devoid of emotion this afternoon and couldn’t figure out why. That’s not me. I had been examining the charts for Uranus’ station to Retrograde set for exactly one week from today–the 29th of July–and had created the chart for the UK with this in mind. The first thing

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The World Tapestry: A Tribute to Muhammad Ali

One cannot cover a tribute like this without acknowledging the efforts of various media and not just one. So first, let me share the links with you. If you read nothing else of these links, please be sure to do so with the New York Times story. That’s a full-scale enormous┬átribute you won’t want to

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Holy Terror, Part 1

I had only been studying astrology a little over a year when a tragedy hit someone close to me at the time. A complex tale, the person’s father, years before, had moved to a country far from his and his father’s birthplace. Over the course of the next roughly 20 years, the father had launched

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