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World Tapestry: Another Suicide Attack in Istanbul

In the midst of my working on another article today, the following news has been pouring in from Istanbul where another suicide attack has been set off at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport, a massive airport with an international terminal where the bombings have occurred. This is the latest of attacks not only in Turkey but throughout

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Heartbreak in Kerala: A Tale of Undecaquartisextiles, Part 1

Please note: This is the first of a two-part article. April 10, 2016: During my trip to India in 2013, I had the honor of staying with friends through most of my time there. I’m not writing about each place this time however and am reserving my thoughts for one state alone. Kerala is truly a

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India – Solar Return 2015

Please read Pakistan’s Solar Return 2015 as well. Four years ago, when India’s sixth house was rising, the degree of the Solar Return (SR) Ascendant (ASC) was making a 14-minute partile conjunction to the natal Vertex, as if to say this was going to be a year in which fate actually played a key role

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