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Just Enough to be Dangerous

I love the expression “I know just enough to be dangerous” because it reflects a total honesty about oneself in the determination to know more about any particular subject. While such honesty invariably reveals a boldly naked look in the astrological mirror of the mind, the person who has attained such a responsibly frank observation

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Envisioning and Reflecting, and Somehow It All Comes Together

I sit here on the morning of what the media are calling the “first Super Blue Blood Moon Trifecta since 1866,” shaking my head a bit at the word they missed–“eclipse.” But then how many types of “first” can you say in tandem before that mouthful reaches the point of the absurd? Perhaps this is

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On Joy and Sorrow – Kalamji and Memon, the Shared Day of Farewells

Two days ago, on the heels of my article, Farewell to APJ Abdul Kalam, A Truly Great Man, one of my clients in India wrote to ask me an intriguing question: “Michelle, you are truly a global citizen. I wish we have larger majority of people like you. The world will be a better place

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