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Another Legendary Celebrity Is Gone – Farewell, Prince

Shocking news from Minneapolis today, Prince is dead. He was found early this morning at his Paisley Park home, no cause of death yet but Jason Kamerud, chief sheriff’s deputy for Carver County indicated, “We’re currently conducting a death investigation and there isn’t much I can say.” Music legend Prince dead at 57 at Paisley

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John Forbes Nash – “A Beautiful Mind” – Moves On

Moon-ruled Cancer rising leads Dr. John Forbes Nash’s natal┬áchart with its 9-planetary-body Eastern emphasis, 4th quadrant above-the-horizon dominance. With natal Saturn falling in the 6th house, we’re reminded that this beautiful mind had once been a tortured one. His chart points to the signature in Mars-ruled Aries with Mars on the Sabian Symbol Aries 21.

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