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Envisioning and Reflecting, and Somehow It All Comes Together

I sit here on the morning of what the media are calling the “first Super Blue Blood Moon Trifecta since 1866,” shaking my head a bit at the word they missed–“eclipse.” But then how many types of “first” can you say in tandem before that mouthful reaches the point of the absurd? Perhaps this is

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Murder By Frog With A Twist Of Faulkner, Part 2

Repeating the first chart offered from part 1: The Chiron-Uranus semisextile forms a Blooming Undecaquartisextile (UQSXT) to the North Node (NN), offering a downright riveting look at the karmic side of events as they must have taken place. The Daily Mail quoted the long-time friend as she spoke about the telephone call with Leigh Ann.

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Murder By Frog With A Twist Of Faulkner, Part 1

It may have been my first semester in college when I read “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner but I loved his ability to wrap the reader around his pinky finger and perhaps add a touch of the macabre while tossing in the element of humor-edged surprise. But I have to tell you there was

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