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The World Tapestry: Tennis Legends 2017

“If you believe, you can go really far in your life.” Roger Federer on 8th win (19 Grand Slam titles)… In September 2008, Steven Ho of Bleacher Report asked the question I just wondered: “What Makes a Legend?” He was thoughtful enough to answer the question too, but it was related to the subject of

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The World Tapestry: Play Ball! Up Close and Local–and International!

Baseball has been pretty popular in this part of upstate New York. Two of my uncles, nicknamed Spider and Little Spider, played semi-pro ball, and the last thing my father did on the day he died was attend a ballgame of the Triplets, the farm team for one of the big leagues. If you were

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Uranus Moves to Apparent Direct Motion

Uranus shifted to Stationary Direct as Christmas Day closed in the United States and on the 26th, Boxing Day in the UK, India and many other parts of the world. No matter how we look at it, the transiting Cardinal T-square comes to light with the Moon in tight but not partile opposition to Pluto

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