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US: Texas – Mass Murder Is Not Always Terrorism

If Sutherland Springs, just east of San Antonio, Texas, was one of those sleepy little country towns we often hear about in literature–whether by Ernest Hemingway, Elmore Leonard or any other number of authors one might associate with such a phrase, it woke up on the morning of November 5 when half of the congregation

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The World Tapestry: Pakistan – Solar Return 2016

Pakistan, as many of my readers know, has had a very rough journey going back at least 9 years to 2007. That’s not to say more wasn’t going on before that, rather it’s when I picked up on the need to start following this nation. Once a part of India, partition took place in August

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Pluto, Full On – Part 2: The Unexpected Again!

Pluto, Full On – Part 2 is not going to be the article I expected–yet. There is some tidying up to do–and a new name for all of us to wrap our minds around: A dear friend of several years now, Philip Graves, and I had a very important discussion this morning and through the

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