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Michelle Young

Hmmm…yes–and no, Expecto. 🙂 Yes because you need to consider the other transiting planets. And no because you still need to consider what transiting bodies will make contact with your Sun during that entire period. Right there, that means the Moon will still be connecting with this point at least 4 times during the following month alone. It’s a no brainer, of course, if you have a New Moon, a Full Moon or a Sun-Moon square from birth, that you’ve established that bond. In fact, this may be the bond that keeps giving even in the worst case scenarios! 🙂 But then during eclipses where you’re having some amazing connections, it can be sweet music to your ears. If anything, this is why people who are paying attention to the eclipses should go beyond just the degrees on the eclipse point and take note of each and every planetary interaction with the natal chart for at least several months after. (And of course, it doesn’t hurt to see what’s going on with your Solar and Lunar Returns for some guidance too. 🙂 )