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Michelle Young

My sincere apologies for the delay, Expecto! I’m finally in the midst of developing the new Solar Returns for India and Pakistan. In the meantime, the energies of an eclipse generally aer in play as each body during the transiting eclipse will relate to your natal chart. For example, beyond the Sun and the Moon, if Venus is conjunct the Sun, you might notice very nice events taking place every time the Moon or any other transit for the next several months (even more if this is clearly associated with your Solar Return, which depends on the times involved for the Return and the eclipse) makes a contact to the transiting degree Venus took at the time of the eclipse. (I know: read it twice! lol) That’s true, regardless of whether we’re speaking about a Solar Eclipse or a Lunar Eclipse.

As I write this, for example, today (in about 2.5 hours) the Lunar Eclipse will be taking place. While I’m not in the midst of a new return in my chart, there are several aspects being triggered by the Lunar Eclipse as it relates to my natal chart. I have no doubt I’ll feel this in a number of ways. I believe it will be pretty good, actually, since there are some soft aspects also in play.

Does that help? 🙂 Again, my apologies for the delay. And yes, we could use more questions here but hopefully after I have these two returns uploaded. Each will be a biggie this time, which you’ll understand after seeing what I’m doing with this one for each nation.