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Michelle Young

My turn for apologies, Colleen. It seems like the news has been coming almost at breakneck speed lately, and I wonder how much faster I could possibly go. :wacko: lol

I trust you’re specifically asking about Pluto’s 13-minute partile conjunction to the Ascendant, yes? (The new software I’m using, Sirius, is consider the most accurate of all astrological software, so rest assured this is the actual chart.)

Courtney's chart

Pluto in Scorpio is obviously going to be intense especially in the first house, conjunct the Ascendant, no less. But in square to the Moon, you can add several degrees of intensity to that especially in terms of her emotions. Such a placement can also be intimidating to others no matter how gently the native tries to come across. The native can exude a type of magnetic, mysterious power that simply radiates in all s/he does. To what she may feel is a simultaneous curse and blessing, she needs to be fully conscious of how she comes across to others. She may confuse some with her passion and zest for life, which could have her wondering what she did to get into that position. On the other hand, I suspect she has much grace and the ability to extricate herself from difficult situations if she needs to as well.

This will never be a position where she could do something halfway: She’s either fully into the plan of action, or she’s not getting involved at all. I’m especially intrigued with her degree of Pluto in comparison to her Nodes since the antiscion of the North Node forms a one-minute partile square to the Ascendant and, of course, is therefore forming a 14-minutes partile square to Pluto as well! This would seem to imply to me that she’s found herself living a life that could be considered quite dramatic although it can also explain what she’s doing in Buffalo, New York, a bit far from the beach. :whistle:

She’s also probably quite sensitive to her surroundings all the way to the environment in which she finds herself at any time. of course from where I’m sitting, I have no doubt she can be quite charming too with the conjunction to her Venus.

Take note, btw, the March 9 Solar Eclipse made a partile square to her 8th house Vertex. It doesn’t seem like she’ll have what could be called a dull year but more like one in which many events might feel somewhat destined, fated.

Does that help? Again, my apologies for taking so long to reply.