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Michelle Young

Hi colleenzb! I_B was in a Yahoogroups forum before 2004, in fact, two of them: Plutonians, which is pretty much fallow now (the groups there didn’t grow much, if you recall), and also in the 8th house group. Mind if I look at her chart? It will help me to answer a bit better. Feel free to send me the data and tell me if I should post the chart along with it or just speak after seeing it but no chart, okay?

And btw, your memory is fine. We met around 1998/1999, I believe. I wandered back into contact with the world after vanishing from the radar for three years. I don’t remember in exactly which group we’d met over there, whether it was in Gina’s that became known as TarotTransits, which of course I owned, or another one. Only that we connected there. So we’ve been friends a long time! 😉

I’m so glad you’re here! And you’re fine here in Scorpio too. :rose: :heart: