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Hey Michelle,
It isn’t me that is an actual Scorpio or Scorpio rising, my husband had Scorpio Rising but since he is passed now it is my daughter that concerns me. She is Scorpio rising at 00 degrees with Pluto at 00 degrees like less than 10 minutes of arc more and every time I look at her chart it just boggles my mind, I have no idea how to explain what that means to her. She has her sun in Virgo at 28 degrees and Saturn is at 13 degrees Scorpio, Venus is at 25 degrees of Libra oh and her MC is 3 degrees Leo with her moon at 10 degrees Leo. Those are points that just jump out at me when I look at her chart. Anyway, just wondering what your thoughts are, also this girl has serious issues with being away from the beach and since she is still stuck in Buffalo, NY for another year or two I believe she doesn’t seem to fit the things some of you have mentioned so far in this thread. Oh and I thought Italian_Butterfly was in a Scorpio forum maybe before 2004. Lord, showing my age there, not sure about my memory anymore though.