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Michelle Young

Hi Expecto, you’ll want to consider that the scientists including IAU’s Mike Brown who ia now trying to convince us that this discovery–still unseen, mind you, should make up for his having “taken away” Pluto (not from astrology, but if he wants to make that claim, who am I to stop him? lol). Well, here’s the news story as Cal Tech explains it and notes that it has not been visually observed rather only mathematically.

Now, in answer to your questions…

But, I always wonder where do we limit Astrology. Now with the new planet, do Astrologers count its effects too at some point? Would the new planet affect the calculations or is it a matter of analysis?

Astrological interpretation and analysis is always always a process of observation over many years so we can observe the transiting body through historical periods. As I recall Quouar has a 500-year transit. Compare that to the “mere” 248 years it takes Pluto and 165 years for Neptune to travel the zodiac. This new body is said to be much much farther out there.

So the process of understanding how the analysis and interpretation will develop won’t be in our lifetimes to be sure. Still, if there is one, it will be up to us to determine the starting process, if there is one yet. Calculations won’t be affected. It’s a matter of lengthy observations to note the patterns inherent to analysis. Perhaps this would be mundane only. It’s hard to say.

It changes little at this time. As for the role it will play, that will be up to future generations to determine–and that could be a few generations before that process begins. Great questions… What are your views on this?