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Michelle Young

This is really bizarre, Expecto! One minute I was posting in here, and the next, I managed somehow to be back in the Music, Music, Music thread! Uranus is definitely playing tricks on me today! lol Heres my reply:

When Scorpio began on Orkut, you may remember the full title was “Scorpio–created Jan 24, 2004!” and thats really indicative of what happened in the years before you joined in 2010. There had been this one person who kept trying to bully me, insisting that the community was his. I knew it wasn’t because there had been a membership vote at the insistence of the former owner to prove to her that the members really wanted me and not her since I was more present than she had been. He did everything possible to hound me in both the Scorpio and Astrology communities and finally created a community to compete with ours, using the same name until I added those words “created Jan 24, 2004” which he, of course, wouldn’t ever be able to prove since Orkut always had shown the date the community was created.

And that is how the exclamation got there. It really was a statement to say “No! This is the real Scorpio community you’ve been trying to find!” There were many clones off this one but none of them had the episodes of “KSS” (The Kinky, The Sexy and The Sassy) soap opera ours did. Others had the usual Sun sign stuff, but ours had all kinds of things–and no birthday threads–that no others were able to do. (I think I’d have to look at my files now, btw, to see whether the phrase “created Jan 24, 2004” was in parentheses or not. That bit I actually forgot! :unsure:

Thanks for asking! :good: :heart: :rose: