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[quote=2316]As a Scorpio Sun myself I find that Scorpio season is a rejuvenating time of the year, a time when we as Scorpios get back on our natural time slot. And with that comes more nighttime hours to do our investigating of self through meditation and the world around us through various channels of communication and study. At least for me the nighttime hours are more compatible with my natural rhythms, as I enjoy the quiet solitude that nighttime provides, while plunging into my subjects of interest.

Dennis Harris


[quote=2331]Oh this is interesting!

I will take the cue from Dennis’s post and say that I too enjoy long nights. People think I’m crazy that I like when it gets dark at 5. I also haven’t found many people who like winters, or snow for that matter.
It’s so easy for a Scorpio to be in solitude and do their own thing. We aren’t big chatters. A little shy, maybe. Oh and sensitive? Like no other. We are sensitive to small changes in the environment around us. It’s hard for a Scorpio to let go of things even if they were meant to be a joke. We hold our self respect close to heart and that shouldn’t be played around with. It’s hard to forgive a wrong done to us. On the other hand, we also remember the good done for us and will try to repay. I don’t know if all Scorpios are this secretive, but I hate to have my steps watched. I exit the stage left if there’s an over watchfulness. But we are loyal friends and partners.
We are a good company for a conversation, an adventure or to be your confidant and take your secrets to the grave.

In a nutshell, we are the great at everything – good or bad…..mostly good. B-) :whistle:


Dennis and Expecto (love yourscreen name BTW), I found myself nodding to everything both of you’ll said. :good: