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Michelle Young

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungJan 11, 2014
To any degree, I suppose, there is still the matter of politics here. What happens at home will be sure to influence the way such matters are handled. That’s even true in the publishing world where an editor, despite the effort to be unbiased in daily work, may have a bad day as a result of an argument with the Significant Other, a speeding ticket, a traffic jam, whatever. It happens. All this to say that we are all connected to the things we do in our daily lives even when we think we’re making decisions based solely on a particular situation at a moment in time. 

Meanwhile, the maid seems to have vanished from focus altogether. There is some measure of “edited” reserve present in the situation in the sense that while India seems to be staying public on the matter, it and the United States both seem to have taken a quieter stance on the matter of the maid. She actually has more of my curiosity; but then I often tend to favor the underdog, I’ll admit. Still, I’m reminded of school districts in the United States when they encounter situations that would end up in the news because they tend to prefer to avoid the limelight in preference of burying especially negative news as quickly as possible. (Okay, so that is most likely to be the case for most of us, isn’t it?) One can’t even tell where the energy is actually coming from since the Eastern and Western hemispheres of the chart are equally balanced.  Like it or not, however, with the dominance of planets above the horizon, we’re most likely to get a continuing blow-by-blow summary of events at this time. Maybe the national emotions won’t show so much, but expect that the politicians will be making their points quite loudly. 

On a sidenote, I suspect the diplomat, Devyani Khobragade, will be forced to take less of a high profile position regardless of anything the politicians–those in the States or in India–might have to say about it. This should turn out to be a matter of soothing ruffled feathers on both sides of the ocean, a quiet handling of the maid and her family (in the US perhaps? It doesn’t appear that she’s returned to India, does it?), and life going on as before because both nations ultimately still need each other in their courts. All this in a Lunar Return? No, probably not, but the third quadrant is dominant in this LR, and that says the relationships will be what ultimately drive the energy of this period of time.

From street level, it would seem people really won’t be surprised on either side of the ocean; but the matter of law and order, keeping things on a fairly even keel and not getting the average citizen too riled at the thought that the key point here has been to get it out of the headlines where the matter could be handled more discreetly seems to be where this will be most likely to end up.

It seems to me there’s something satirical to be noted in such a turn of events. It’s not the first time I’ve seen such matters get pushed back under the carpet lest people get too angry. I saw it a few years ago in a situation where India pulled someone out of the USA to avoid prosecution on a charge that amounted to compromised sexual matters, and this wasn’t even of a public figure! By doing so,  the matter was forgotten, save for the family of a young girl, and it never hit the papers in India (or even in the USA for that matter!). I learned because I knew one of the parties involved.

I do wonder, therefore, how much longer such events will continue to be buried in the two nations. This one seems to have spilled out quite unexpectedly, if that position of Uranus in the 12th has anything to say about it. Injustice, like it or not, happens far more frequently than we would like it to do. It’s about who the most indispensable person is, the worth of the one who is not considered that indispensable (maids, young girls, the lower classes, etc), and it’s about what two lawyers once said to me: “Justice isn’t about who is right or wrong, but about who has the most money and the best lies.”

That bites, but it’s true.