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Michelle Young

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungJan 11, 2014
At last I’m back with India’s Lunar Return… Sorry for the delay.

India – January 16, 2014 Lunar Return

The upcoming Full Moon (January 16) falls just outside of a partile opposition at 1°02′ but certainly close enough to make an impact when we look at the chart even outside the natal chart for India. The Sun falls in the 9th house, tightly conjunct the Midheaven, while the Moon falls in the 3rd in an even closer conjunction to the IC (1°03′). But this is the Lunar Return chart, and the 12th house is rising. Just at the onset, I’m reminded–because it’s India’s Lunar Return that I’m considering–of the 12th house natural rulership: This is Pisces’ home, and Neptune rules. Neptune, still in Pisces, is in the 11th house but intercepted (just as the LR sign of Taurus is in the natal 12th house). From this perspective alone, it would seem that this kind of energy would be making a dramatic statement about the public face (MC) India is presenting as a new world power and the face that she is presenting to her people at home (IC). Of course at the very least, the energy points to a crisis. After all, the fat lady hasn’t sung in this matter yet, has she?

The Cardinal Grand Cross comes to life in this chart despite the squaring and opposing planets being in the 3rd , 6th, 9th, and 12th cadent houses. Pluto falls in the 9th house of international affairs (along with Venus and the Sun in opposition to 3rd house Jupiter and the Moon–all of which I’m telling you in parentheses so you don’t get confused) in square to natal Neptune (natal Neptune sits in 8-minute partile opposition to LR Uranus) and LR Mars in the 6th in opposition to Uranus. The Jupiter-Pluto opposition actually creates the bridge to continuing Grand Cross that might not otherwise be there since Mars is–depending on the astrologer looking at the chart–potentially on the wide side of its opposition to Uranus, just as Venus would be wide to Uranus if Venus weren’t in retrograde motion. Venus moves more quickly than Mars, so the lingering effects of this duo will continue.

Normally, this Grand Cross might not include the Full Moon. But the Full Moon gets another bridge from Venus to put that into the mix as well since Venus is within orb of both the Sun and the Moon. To make matters worse, Mars makes a partile square to Venus within 23 minutes.  Talk about a complex situation: we might even say this is the celestial soap opera at its most dramatic!

So how does all of this drama come to pass? Well, for starters, I think we’re looking at the continuing situation between the United States and India. Pluto is now making a likely partile orb opposition to the US Sun if the 4th of July is actually the birth of the US (for those of you who don’t know, when the US was born–date and time–has been a bone of contention among astrologers since the birth of the nation first took place). The posturing between both nations is evident; but if ever I wished I could see the true US natal chart to look at the LR for the US as well, this would be one of those times. I’m bothered by that placement of Uranus in the 12th house. Not that none of us ever experience Uranus in the 12th. Of course we do. But the Grand Cross pulls India’s natal Neptune into the 6th house of this return in opposition to that 12th house Uranus, and it makes me wonder what else is about to come out in this case. It *seems* like something pretty significant should happen on the 14th or 15th of January, but then the case really hasn’t left sight of the media for very long since it began, has it? 

In fairness to the delays I’ve had in looking at the upcoming Lunar Return, I haven’t really paid much attention to the news except for Ariel Sharon’s death announced in my mail this morning and my following up on that with a quick posting elsewhere. I do think, however, that while the conversations may appear to be public (Mercury in the 10th), I think there’s a lot more behind the scenes action than we can begin to imagine just yet. This kind of reminds me of the two men preparing to fight and neither wants to make the first move while they taunt and insult in advance. They take small steps, jerking forward suddenly as if to intimidate the other one. And as tensions rise, one is then stupid enough to throw the first punch. Somehow, I don’t think that will happen despite what’s here.

If the Lunar Return were showing the Grand Cross in the angular Houses–and remember, it’s just missing despite that Full Moon on the Meridian (MC/IC) since the Full Moon is really a far-fetch to being more actively involved in the Grand Cross–it would be a far more precarious situation than it is. The Grand Cross will still take the energy from the cadent houses. No question there. So I’d say it’s highly unlikely we’ll see these two nations coming to blows just yet.

I’d be more inclined to say it’s going to sputter and fume along the way but will cool off after a time. It is, after all, a diplomatic situation and not much more than that. On the other hand, the US seems to have been getting embroiled in a number of “diplomatic situations” in the last year or two, and this may be the result of that old saying about familiarity breeding contempt. Of course I can’t be sure: I’m not in Washington nor am I in Delhi, speaking with those who hold the power in their hands.