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Michelle Young

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungJan 7, 2014
A few days ago (Saturday) a male friend–an astrologer– happened to reach out to warn me not to lose my temper and to guard my feminine side. I’m usually pretty good about that. A few days earlier, one man seemed to be behaving toward me in a professional conversation as if he was looking for a fight. I didn’t know what was happening, but I wasn’t going to follow it either, thanks to the warning my friend had given me. I thought it seemed odd that there was this vein of machismo showing up before the friend had warned me.

But sure enough, that argument avoided, another man tried to bait me. I got away from that one too, but I admit it helped that the female whose thread the conversation was in spoke to the second man and told him to stop being so argumentative.

That argument over, a third man showed up and decided to use another approach. But this wasn’t about me. It was about what appeared to be alpha males who seem to think they need to browbeat people (possibly females in particular) into debates and arguments. So what was going on?

I’ve forgotten when the transit started forming quite like this, but by the time I spotted it, there was a Mercury-Sun-Pluto stellium (that I could have sworn also included Venus, but Venus is retrograde and it seems to be past the point now), in opposition to Jupiter in square to Mars (and the Moon, depending on what day) in opposition to Uranus. That’s quite a handful, I think you’ll agree.

In a nutshell, certainly a Cardinal Grand Cross like this can cause a lot of chaos: accidents, fires, heightened tensions, anger, domestic violence, just nasty, nasty stuff especially if it’s touching your chart. Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. If you’ve got low degrees on your rising and these are the signs, you may be feeling the energies from this kind of transiting dynamic.

Feeling feisty? Itching for a fight? Is your ego showing, and you need to beat your chest with the roar for which Tarzan is so well known? Take a chill pill, a cold shower, listen to some classical music instead of the kind that revs your engines… Now is not the time for you men to show how overactive your testosterone is, you know? Breathe! Tomorrow is another day, and you will survive if you don’t get into trouble.

Women: Adopt a gentle, feminine approach and try to avoid getting into hassles. It’s not worth it at this time. You won’t be able to avoid some of the arguments or anger. I get that. Forgive yourself if that happens. If there’s a situation that requires your being justifiably upset, so be it, but you can still be a lady in the midst of the fury. 

This isn’t the nicest transit, as I said. Stay aware especially today and tomorrow, but remaining alert through the rest of the week won’t be a bad idea. This entire month is really treacherous for everyone with these tensions taking a stronghold in many lives. But by the time we get into February, please don’t think we’re through it just yet. Remember this is an ongoing although sporadic situation with the Cardinal aspects that will be continuing for a few more years. 

I’ll post more about this later and will take a look at India’s and Pakistan’s charts to see whether anything is coming up that bears watching as well. If you are in the US, please stay warm. I’m in one of the frigid regions with our overnight temps having dived to -37C last night, thanks to the windchill. (Fahrenheit windchill temps were -35.) Stay safe, wherever you are, and please don’t get into situations that can endanger you or another person. Keep your cool. If you can’t right now, it could be wise then to avoid people who could push your buttons.