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Michelle Young

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungAug 7, 2010
You have Saturn and Pluto to continue the pace on the slower levels here, and you have Jupiter that can make things expand especially since Mars is currently opposing Jupiter and squaring Pluto. This is the kind of energy I can see in an abusive situation in individual lives, but I also see the potential for martial law coming from these kinds of combinations.That especially concerns me when I look at Pakistan’s chart and perhaps to a substantially lesser degree, at India’s chart. 

That doesn’t mean I think India is out of the woods. In fact, I had a private conversation with Pritpal several weeks ago, maybe a month, maybe 6 weeks, sometime around my eye surgery, I think, and I told him I was worried about the possibility of war. Sagar pointed me in the direction of some news articles a long while back; but nothing really connected till I spotted this in the charts and was rattled enough to want to check further before mentioning anything. I don’t know much history related to India and Pakistan, remember. But I’ve been getting an education as a result of looking at these charts and asking questions about things I simply wouldn’t have otherwise understood.

Taking that into consideration, I did a comparison of what we have right now–7 July–for India and Pakistan by looking at the natal charts and a simple transit view. In India’s chart, there’s a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in the 11th house in opposition to a Mars-Saturn conjunction in the 5th house, natal Mars in the 2nd house in tight square to the transiting opposition I just mentioned is also opposed to Pluto in the 8th house while transiting Mars is conjunct natal Neptune, and transiting Venus in the 5th house is squaring natal Mars. Complex, right? If this were a Lunar Return, I’d be looking at the natal chart on the outside of the chart I’m looking at so I have a good feel, but this is certainly quite impressive as I’m looking at it (and trust me, you don’t want me to invert these two charts).