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Michelle Young

Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungJun 29, 2009
Nats, are you talking about the Fed as it relates to the US banking system? I’m not sure you really have a grasp on how the layers of the US banking system work. Even if a bank folds, and yes, there are small banks closing in various areas of the country, there are safety mechanisms in place to protect the consumer with insurance on certain limits of their funds.
Is everything safe? No. But please stop sounding so dramatic as to make it look like the entire country called the United States of America (or the entire world for that matter) is on the verge of collapse. Have their been gross inequities in the country in terms of ultra-wealthy and ultra-poor? Sure!
But I’m sorry, I still don’t see the enormous drama you’re seeing based on what you’ve said here, and most definitely I’m not going to see it as long as you’re using sloppy data based on times you cannot confirm for either the nation or the banking system that began in 1791 and then in 1913, with the Federal Reserve Act. I’ll stand by my perspective of Pluto in Capricorn and the 10th house relationship, but while that can include banks, banks are not the only source of corporate nightmares we’re seeing. I’m just not going to push the red button here and tell everyone it’s time to panic. Is it time to be wiser with one’s money and balance both spending and saving? Of course! But that will be how things should be done whether it’s now, 50 years ago, or 50 years from now! It’s called common sense.
You’re not saying anything that hasn’t been said in several ways over the last few years. That’s something I pointed to even in my other community, which we had begun to discuss on 10 January 2009:
The World’s Economic Crisis
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