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Michelle Young

Nats Nats~SiftingSand of TimeJun 28, 2009
Btw, the New Moon, which I mentioned in my first paragraph, took place yesterday, the 22nd, and the, again, speculative chart offered by that site shows the Moon was in the 14th° of Scorpio, about 47° from a New Moon back in 1913, and about 43° from the point where it would have been square. 45°, the midpoint, I can say offers an irritation, which is where that point was in 1913, but the Moon, that trigger, again, is not showing anything to convince me here.


hi michelle ,

I forgot to mention some details the new moon which

took place on June 22 :

viz : June 22, 2009 7:35 PM Sun 1 Can 30 Conj Moo 1 Can 30 (time universal time )

is at the fed reserves natal Pluto also ..

Its a good trigger i feel to signify that the fed is going to go thru a very bad time .
also currently Pluto is passing at its natal sun and retro grade …. I think the Fed is really in trouble .It would be more than the beginning of an irritation I feel .

This week would make it more clear as event unfold .