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Michelle Young

Nats Nats~SiftingSand of TimeJun 24, 2009
hi Michelle ,

Thanks for explaination .

What i meant was that that period would be a trigger point for the begiining of the waning of the Feds superpowers .
Currently it holds the entire United States of America to ransome by injecting trillions of dollars into ONLY THE BANKING sector and that too to CRONIES and not all banks .
Due to these powers which is nearly as much as INJECTING one years GDP of the USA it would totally unbalance normal market forces and blow another bubble which if fails to blow would result in hyperinflation .
I basically dont know what signifies inflation deflation and hyperinflation on the astro charts . I was basically looking out for a clue on that .
All THese powers would be seriously curtailed .I hear the Congress is now trying to Audit the Fed .

On that day mentioned the USA stock exchanged suffered its maximum loss in a single day for this year 2009 during the aspect period .

It was an excellent trade to make .

The fed grew stronger as the years rolled by and its come when the cycle would start to wane very fast from date mentioned above .