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Michelle Young

Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungJan 29, 2008
Mars is conjunct the nation’s second house Uranus, heading for a conjunction to natal Mars, and my gut tells me tensions there will not soon lose their steam. That huge stellium in the 4th house has a natal square from 7th house Jupiter in Scorpio, so this eclipse will be forming a T-square with this enormous square. A friend from there recently told me that he was grieved to say he doesn’t believe the country has earned the right for democracy yet, and yet all the signs are here, indicating that the people think they are ready.

Whether or not they’re ready, I think all of that energy speaking of wishes for democracy versus the attempt to keep a tight rein on the nation and her policies doesn’t speak well for events that appear to be coming. Tensions are volatile, and Pluto isn’t out of the 8th house yet. I’m worried a lot about that. I wonder how many more will die before this settles down–and that’s yet another reason I believe all this political unrest in your lovely land will lead to an internal war.

To look at this chart, one would think Pakistan had it all. Jupiter in the 7th is normally a nice placement. So is that rich, acquisitive Taurus rising, But all of the planets and both luminaries lie below the horizon, leaving only Jupiter above the horizon and still in that square, but it really puts the emphasis on Jupiter because it’s a singleton in that placement above the horizon. It’s a land of people who want the better life, not just for each individual but for the country itself. The problem, however, is that this is a land where it would seem that selfish desire occasionally causes these feelings to erupt, and the thought of gradual transformation and order, or perhaps gradual transformation through order, seems to fly right out the door.