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Michelle Young

Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungJan 29, 2008
Shoaib — LONG
I trust you’re speaking about the eclipse in particular, Shoaib. Here’s how I see it:

People seem to think that an eclipse is coming, and suddenly, all events that will be taking place will fall right smack dab on that particular day. That’s simply not the way an eclipse works.

We consider where the Sun will fall (since this is a Solar eclipse) in the chart, and that Sun falls in the 10th house in opposition to the nation’s Sun-Venus-Saturn-Pluto (possibly Mercury too…I would include Mercury in this, but not all astrologers will) stellium. To me, it indicates a new beginning, a new era, but that’s a huge amount of energy that’s going on here, Shoaib, and I don’t think it looks pretty. I think we’re going to be seeing Pakistan’s image before the world during this period, and it begs Pakistan to be up for the challenge. A Mercury conjunction to the Solar eclipse gives me the impression that we’ll be seeing a lot more of Pakistan in the news during this period.

Venus falls in the 9th house, close to Black Moon Lilith, and opposes the natal Moon, giving me pause to wonder whether there will be more revealed about the circumstances surrounding the death of Benazir Bhutto. Jupiter too is in the 9th house, much closer to the precise opposition to the natal Moon, in fact, and I think we’re looking at elections that tell me emotions will continue to run high there.

As I mentioned in my comments to AnonyMous and Aaminah, I feel the nation appears to be heading into a period of civil war. If President Musharraf attempts to wield a stronger hand of power there, I don’t think it will be accepted very readily. I wish I had his chart, but that’s my hunch.