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Michelle Young

Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungDec 31, 2007
He won’t be inclined to take orders well, but again, the good of all is his ultimate goal. While he may not always get along with his father because there seems to be some disparity that shows here in the chart, I don’t think we’re going to be likely to see that showing much in the public eye. His father, for now, will be a co-chairman; but if this chart is any indication of what Bilawal’s future for Pakistan will be when it comes to his heart, I think you’ll see him being every bit the leader he was raised to be.

If I were to have one huge concern about Bilawal, it’s that he will live a long life. I trust he’s currently well-protected, and he needs to be. I can’t answer about his father because I don’t have his father’s chart, but I am worried about Bilawal’s safety. We often see a repeat of the first house rising when an important Solar Return year shows up, but his Solar Return for 2007 (21 September 2007 to September 2008) is just as important, if not more so, with his sixth house rising (ruled by Mars, the secondary ruler of Scorpio) at the conjunction within 2° to Mars as it had shown in his mother’s Solar Return for 2007. Mars, in his mother’s Solar Return was conjunct the 4th house cusp known as the IC, one of the houses of endings.

In addition, the Solar Return Moon is within 2° of his natal Moon, Mercury is within 1° of his natal Mercury, Venus is within 5° (still an important orb of range) of his natal Venus–and Pluto conjuncted his natal Saturn in this Solar Return at the same degree and minute! What’s significant in this last aspect lies in the fact that the Solar Return Mars opposed Pluto (and natal Saturn) within 14 minutes at the time of his Solar Return, warning that this young man is in extreme danger. The transiting T-square from the Solar Return was clearly created by the tragic death of his mother, shown by his natal Ceres forming a Grand Cross with that T-square from the 12th house.