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Michelle Young

Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungDec 31, 2007
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has stepped into the shoes of his mother, Benazir Bhutto, at the helm of the Pakistan People’s Party. Her shoes may be big for the 19-yo, but he will share the role with his father as co-chairman perhaps until the time Bilawal turns 22, according to the leadership age mandated by the PPP constitution. By that time, he’ll probably have finished his studies at Oxford as well. I thought it might be interesting to have a bit of a peek into who Bilawal is astrologically.

His 11th house Virgo Sun blends well with his 3rd house Capricorn Moon, and his Scorpio rising with Pluto conjunct the cusp cautions that despite Bilawal’s young age, he will be every bit the leader who can walk in his mother’s shoes and then some. Venus squares his Ascendant and Pluto from the 10th house conjunct the Midheaven, offering a look at a leader who loves his country and will do all he can to show that love. Look for a charismatic leader with this young man. While he may speak with something of a forked tongue, shown by his Moon’s square to 12th house Mercury, it doesn’t mean he would ever hurt his people or the nation. He will speak from intuition more than from any will to be understood. It’s more about his emotions that will be firm in their conviction to focus on what’s right.

He’s a serious thinker with his commitments quite firmly imbedded in the strong sense of values with which he was raised. He has a good sense of humor, but he will always focus on his commitments as a primary concern. A dominance of planets in the Eastern hemisphere reveals someone who will be the independent leader; but the below the horizon dominance of planets indicates that he will be more inclined to keep his reactions to external events at the inward level. This is someone who is extremely introspective in his approach to the world.