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Michelle Young

AnonyMous AnonyMousDec 31, 2007
AnonyMous: What does this all mean?

Michelle: Anything happens. When the military tells you to bark, start barking.

AnonyMous: lol It’s almost the same here.

Michelle: But Musharraf had relinquished dictator kinds of thinking from what I see. I think it will fall into a dictatorship again for a while.

AnonyMous: It better if he is to control all the factors adding up to create all the mayhem.

Michelle: I mourn for the people who have been looking to go to school, AnonyMous. They need to get out NOW [yes].

AnonyMous: What else can I write. I think the sentence says it all (though it looked quite rounded lol). Michelle, it’s quite selfish but I’m going to ask you anyway.

Do you think we really should move out [I mean me & my family?]

Michelle: I really think you should, yes. With what’s going on now, AnonyMous, I’m telling you this is just warming up.

AnonyMous: Man!!!

Michelle: Get out!

AnonyMous: [sighs!!!!!!!!!!] You know I have spent a year convincing my mother to immigrate

Michelle: Now’s the time, girl

Aaminah: Mg, that’s so bad.

AnonyMous: That “man!!!” was out of frustration.

How about after 10 years, do you see things settling down for Pakistan?

Michelle: Sweet one, much will go between now and 10 years from now. That was what I saw from the Solar Return, and I’m telling you it’s just warming up. It will be a civil war, AnonyMous, and it’s going to get much nastier.

These are just surprises, shocks, wake up calls–but Pluto hasn’t opposed Mars yet. Mars is selfish desire. Pluto is for the good of all. There is no happy medium here for now.

Or for the foreseeable future. Get out.

And you know I am not a fate person.

Aaminah: Yuck…Pakistan has a dark future…

Michelle: At least till Pluto is safely beyond the opposition to Mars.

AnonyMous: God help us!

It’s definitely not a safe place for women living alone.

I feel so depressed already.