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Michelle Young

AnonyMous AnonyMousDec 31, 2007
Aaminah: I feel that about him too. He is a total menace, but I believe he is corrupt and Musharraf is right to be against him but like Syed said, we are such a corrupt nation that everybody is corrupt. It’s not musharraf’s fault.

Michelle: I listen to people telling me about Karachi, where I have friends too, and they plead with me not to visit Karachi when I go there.

AnonyMous: Tell me more.

Michelle: Honestly? I want my friends out of there as soon as possible through at least 2009.

AnonyMous: Up till 2009 or before 2009?

Michelle: Till at least 2009.

AnonyMous: And after that? What’s the worst you see happening?

Michelle: What I’ve said is not even the nation’s solar chart yet, Virdah.

It’s just the transits

AnonyMous: Because we’ve seen very very bad conditions & we’ve survived them. I mean will this country see a peaceful & safe future?

Michelle: Pakistan has beauty and harmony in her heart. The effort to build national pride is strong, but I can’t tell you if she can survive just yet. I need to check the Lunar and Solar.

Mg, on the 26th, the Moon conjuncted the nation’s Jupiter. THAT’s why everything just went nuts!

The national stellium is squared by that Jupiter.

So it took a double hit from that transiting T-square. Solar Return for 2007 shows Scorpio rising. (Natal chart shows Taurus rising)

Mg!!!!!!!! The Solar Return chart shows Mercury-Sun-Moon-Saturn-Venus conjunct in the 10th [house] in Leo! But Venus is retrograde. Pluto and Jupiter are in 2nd house. I think it’s going to end up in martial law. Neptune opposes that whole stellium from 4th house.

Aaminah: Great! This nation deserves a martial law.

AnonyMous: So we have a year of fireworks coming up.

Michelle: What I don’t like is Mars in opposition to Jupiter. Mars in 8 [8th house]! Secondary ruler of Scorpio.

AnonyMous: Martial law? I have never understood the legalities behind it.

Michelle: Uranus EXACTLY squares the midpoint of Jupiter and Pluto from the 5th house.