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Michelle Young

AnonyMous AnonyMousDec 31, 2007
Michelle: The reason I said 5 was because of this separation in the chart. Aaminah, I was calculating everything in my head. Could it have been 10? Phhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! ok

Aaminah: The whole thing took a week or something.

Michelle: I meant when the government stormed the school.

Aaminah: Yes. Maybe the major killings took place in 5 hours or so, Michelle, who knows what was going on in barracks underground between the forces.

Yes, when they finally stormed the school n forces went inside AFTER that it took nearly two days to clear it up.

AnonyMous: Last I saw, 12 killed.

Michelle: It’s 16 now, and the suicide bomber apparently was decapitated by the explosion.

Omg…utterly tragic!!!!

AnonyMous: They are saying that to calm the initial anger over the incident.

I doubt it was a suicide bombing. The government isn’t innocent.

& the elements that Musharraf controlled to stay in power are now geting out of his hands.

It’s about the judge, his presence wreaked havoc in Karachi & he brought the enmity to Islamabad all the same.

Can I tell you about my dream?

Michelle: Please. I’m still looking at the ephemeris.

AnonyMous: Well it’s almost irrelevant but I saw that the last sign of the judgement day has come to life.

& the last sign is the one eyed monster (I wonder when will we hear about one appearing, sometime soon)

It’s funny at the same time- but the feeling after the bombing & what I felt in the dream were same–the general fear of being out of the house.

Michelle, do you think Pakistan will live a long life eventually? Or do you see it breaking apart gradually (like what happened in 1971)?

Michelle: AnonyMous…I don’t believe you’re in a civil war yet but I think it’s coming. It seems like you’re just warming up. I don’t like how this is looking.
What has been happening so far is based on Pluto’s opposition to the nation’s Uranus
These are just the unexpected things…