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Michelle Young

AnonyMous AnonyMousDec 31, 2007
AnonyMous: Yes & the chinese massage therapists were abducted after midnight on June 23 (June 24 morning) by Jamia Hafsa students.

How could i have forgotten all these things. Time’s just flown by.

On June 26, the Balochistan & NWFP provinces were hit by a cyclone. Where are these headed–the recent events I mean?

Aaminah: Not only that, they abducted a woman saying she was running a brothel early this year too. Jamia Hafsa has been the major issue these past four months.

Michelle: What was so important about that particular date, AnonyMous, is that Pakistan has an enormous 5-planet stellium in Leo. The Saturn-Neptune opposition fell within 2° of the conjunction/opposition to the national Sun.

Sorry. Venus was not square. But in relation to the national chart, there was a Venus return just a few days before.

AND the point Venus hit on that date–the 25th…was the exact midpoint of the country’s Sun-Venus part of the stellium.

That’s why I said the 26th! The Moon squared the opposition and created the T-square, and all hell broke loose as soon as the Moon went into Scorpio.

It created that whole nightmare…first with the health of the nation–and then with enemies of the state.

AnonyMous: The flooding was hell for those who were affected (some of the poorest souls on the planet).

They are still in knee deep water & homeless. In fact, the flood continues to surge forward from city to city.

Michelle: Last Thursday was when this Jamia Hafsa thing and the government rush on the mosque took place?

AnonyMous: Yes.

Michelle: It shocked everyone. Did the siege last about 5 hours?

AnonyMous: About 5 hours yes.

They caught the extremists by surprise, but the fighting was most intense toward the end not the beginning.

Aaminah: No no it was a lot more than 5 hours.

It went on for a VERY long time. I guess more than 38 hours or so (the intense fighting I mean).