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Michelle Young

AnonyMous AnonyMousDec 31, 2007
AnonyMous: Now there’s a long history of independence resolutions & such & all of them together led to the August 14, 1947.

Michelle: Independence of Pakistan was officially announced on Thursday, August 14, 1947 at 12:00 am but the ceremony itself took place half an hour early on the actual day.

[Sep 6, 2015: The YouTube video above is the missing video I had seen that night in 2007, when Pakistan celebrated independence at 11:30 pm on the 13th of August 1947. This has been my original validation for the time I use, a point I can now only additionally confirm by the Salman Rushdie quote in Nicholas Campion’s The Book of World Horoscopes]

What about the place. The government was housed in Karachi, Will you consider it as the place of birth?

Michelle: Yes. I didn’t know Pakistan was named as an acronym! Is that common knowledge?

AnonyMous: Acronym?

Michelle: Yes. Here:

Origin of the name: “Pakistan” was coined by Muslim students at Cambridge University in Britain in 1933 as an acronym for the regions and nationalities that would make up the country: Punjab, Afghania, Kashmir, Iran, Sindh, Turkharistan, Afghanistan and Balochistan.

AnonyMous: Are you going to tell me something about Pakistan chart?

Michelle: As soon as I confirm a time. That’s what I’m looking for.

Michelle: AnonyMous, this has been building since January 2006.

AnonyMous: Where is it headed? Is it going to escalate to new heights or what?

Michelle: Yes.

Michelle: AnonyMous, I don’t know dates here. It’s been coming since January 2006. Various heightened tensions, etc. since then. The end of March, did something happen? Is that when this thing with the judge took place?

AnonyMous: This March? Yes, it was March 07.
Michelle: What happened on 8 January 2006? Probably something unexpected and completely transformative. This was the moment when things turned. Anything you can recall?

I feel like this might have been something secret rather than anything anyone of the public actually knew about.

AnonyMous: I really can’t recall.

Michelle: It’s okay. Saturn had just finished making a conjunction to Mercury, shortly before this, and Saturn was on the retrograde. I’m just setting a brief stage here because that March 2007 thing is the transformation side of this.