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Michelle Young

Kanchana D Kanchan DOct 18, 2007

November 9 1979
i am waiting for you dear twin

Gaurav Gaurav Pajankar Oct 24, 2007
November 13th, 1982…
any time twin 4 me…!!!

Luke Luke George Cherian Nov 1, 2007
7/9/1984 ….. who is ma twin

Nancy nancy walia Nov 18, 2007
any lucky soul ?

Doraci ReisJan 7, 2008
May 26, 1979.

Navriti NAVRITI GILL Jan 14, 2008
@11 may 1981
i guess there is an entry already for 11 may but the year is 1976. never mind ! at least i have the date and month right. 🙂

Navriti NAVRITI GILL Jan 14, 2008
@ twin
me n my twin have things in common
1: we played volley ball
2: we both have a guru to guide us (not the same guru although)
3: we both keen in astrology and numerology ( but he is more learned than i am )

we are sharing our knowledge and i am liking him tell me more !
thanks michelle ( you know for what )

«─äŗpăńā──«« «─äŗpăńā──«« …. Jan 16, 2008
16th march 87!!!! hey twin u ther??!!?

Parul S PARUL SUKHWANI Jan 20, 2008
the great day
it was da 7th of june 1987!

neone lucky enuf???

Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungJan 27, 2008
Unless the two of you have nearly identical charts because of time and space considerations, your cousin is not a time twin. Not with that many hours apart!

Priyanko Priyanko BasuJan 30, 2008
22 nd September,1985
..i knew another boy ,a yr junior to me in my school had the same birth date and year..but i never asked him for the time..anyway now i am really looking forward to find a time twin

Hetal Hetal ParikhFeb 7, 2008
1oth march,1979.

Abhay JainFeb 15, 2008
11 FEB 1986

Ninad Ninad ChaudharyFeb 20, 2008
10th july 1984

Anand Anand Ramy Feb 27, 2008
Nov 7th

Anand Anand Ramy Feb 27, 2008
Year: 1983

Lyf Lyf’s Beautiful, only wen you Live it happily Feb 27, 2008
December 1st, 1986

Binit Thapa Binit-Thapa May 18, 2008
22nd June, 1982

Murali Murali SankarJul 12, 2008
November 12, 1985.

akanksha akanksha godharaJul 15, 2008
july 2, 1974

Raju Raju SharmaJul 15, 2008

Raju Raju SharmaJul 15, 2008
i have a twin in india with only 2 hours difference.

Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungJul 15, 2008
The two-hour difference doesn’t make a time twin.

In the USA, we have several time zones. If I create a chart for someone born on the West coast on the same day, year, and time that correlates to my time of birth on the East coast, I will have a chart that comes very close to mine, with even the Moon at the same degree and minutes as mine is in my chart. The Ascendants may not be the same however.

Several years ago, I had a pair of time twins for clients. I’ve forgotten now where each was born, but their times of birth were within minutes of each other (with understandings for the geographical coordinates). One had a very late degree in one sign for her Ascendant and the other had a very early degree in the next sign for her Ascendant. Everything else was identical.

The two lead distinctly different lives and yet their lives are parallel each other’s. For example, one has a career in a health field. The other is the mother of several children with health problems. The one with the career in the health field doesn’t have children. One lives in a large city, the other lives in a rural environment. The events that come to pass in their lives are completely different, but they will have similar “flavors” that make them amazingly alike despite the differences.

I hope that helps to explain a bit more clearly.

Raju Raju SharmaJul 17, 2008
OH! ok, I got it “ji”.

SIDE |$|DE_VI_SH_@|$| |$|P@_TE_L|$|Jul 23, 2008
22nd june 84