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Michelle Young

Michelle Astrology dpMichelle Young – Jul 31, 2008
You obviously don’t understand. I have four children. I have no idea why you would say 0.

Western astrology determines the optimum times in which one might get pregnant. I’ve seen Indian astrology be wrong on determining the number, so please don’t try to tell me that Indian astrology is the be all, end all in that department. Indian astrology brings a lot of knowledge to the table, and so does Western astrology. It is my fondest desire for both sides to glean that knowledge from each other, not to think either side can shove the other’s face in it as if to say one is better than the other! That will cause a war, trust me on that!

Indian astrology, as does Western astrology, has its flaws. Presumably by sharing this knowledge, both can learn and grow and become enhanced. Triggers for problems in communication include things like “x WILL happen if you have this and this in your chart.” Guaranteed, I will take that person to task, so I will urge you to tread carefully, G S, which you and I both know you don’t always do in private or in public. Read carefully what people say before thinking you know what they’re talking about. Better that you ask if this is what they mean instead of assuming things that shouldn’t be assumed.

Michelle Astrology dpMichelle Young – Jul 31, 2008
Here is a case where I might have misunderstood in fact, and if so, I apologize. It’s hard for me to see the “f” as you have it because you don’t have a space between that and the parenthesis mark. It’s true that I don’t have any female children. I don’t know that I can believe, however, that the number and gender of children can be determined. If you can do so, are you game to try with data I give you?

Murali Murali SankarAug 1, 2008
@ G S
yes it can be in case of m/f differentiation of numbers . though i cant give it right now. it is about to be 00.00 hours .

I couldn’t get it.

You saying that Eastern Astrology can decide number of Male/Female children to be born?
And you are able to prove it? As I said before, I’m curious to learn new things, in their accurate form.

Michelle Astrology dpMichelle Young – Aug 1, 2008
I have data that can be used for him to prove it as he claimed.

Murali Murali SankarAug 1, 2008
@ G S
ok. no war. 🙂 I’m glad that you finally accepted the basic fact about Gita.

Murali Murali SankarAug 1, 2008
@ Michelle
Hi. Could you please give him the data so that he can enlighten me (and the rest of us) about how to do it? And I request you to check if he is correct. I don’t want to learn false lessons.

Thank you . 🙂

Michelle Astrology dpMichelle Young – Aug 1, 2008
30 October 1984, 8:51 AM, Binghamton, NY (75W55, 42N06)
6 October 1978, 1:55 PM (13:55), Norwich, NY
13 September 1988, 2:34 PM (14:34), Brooklyn, NY

More coming, but I have to leave right now.

Michelle Astrology dpMichelle Young – Aug 2, 2008
So you can intrusively proceed??? I don’t know about “intrusion,” but you have led us to believe it’s possible to determine the number of children and by gender that people can have. I’ve given you three. There will be more coming. It’s as simple as that. Now if you can’t prove it, say so. If you can prove it, please do so.

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungAug 4, 2008
More data:

15 August 1962, 2:44 PM (14:44), Thief River Falls, Minnesota, USA
21 August 1967, 11:25 AM, Oakland, California, USA
16 February 1974, 7:34 PM (19:34), Johnson City, NY
27 May 1948, 1:55 AM, Regensburg, Germany
17 January 1951, 11:58 PM (23:58), Binghamton, NY

Okay, between this and the other data I gave you, you should have 8 of them now. Please let us know your findings.

Murali Murali SankarAug 5, 2008
:-O Where is G S???