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Michelle Young

Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungJun 19, 2009
Asking about the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Saturn-ruled Capricorn 11 years down the road, Pushkar, is going to be along the lines of the guessing games I saw many astrologers play some years ago with the hard aspects of Mars and Pluto versus any other hard aspected planets. You simply can’t do that any more than you can put chicken and rice together and expect that’s all you need to make Chicken Biryani. 😉 You simply must consider the other interweavings of the chart because the entire chart for any event will work together.

When it comes to long-term planetary conjunctions, understand that you’re speaking about a transit of Saturn which generally takes about 28-30 years and a transit of Pluto which takes approximately 248 years. How that works with all the other planets slipping through the zodiac during that period is going to be a longshot, isn’t it? After all, everything isn’t going to be 100% bad, nor is it going to be 100% good.

Nats Nats~SiftingSand of TimeJun 21, 2009
well i am not a doomsdayer . I am very optimistic mostly since i know a bit of astrology and anticipate what to expect many a time .
I use this date for the usa :
The Continental Congress adopted the Articles of Confederation, the first constitution of the United States, on November 15, 1777.
The current name was finalized on November 15, 1777, when the Second Continental Congress adopted the Articles of Confederation, the first of which states, “The Stile of this Confederacy shall be ‘The United States of America.'”
and the below is the chart .
(Sep 3, 2015 – Sorry. No link, no graphic, and because she hadn’t shared the data, there’s no way to post the chart she used.)

If you enable html on the Community ORkut settings you could get the chart right into the scrapbook insted of the link ..
There is a check box for enable html on comm settings .

Nats Nats~SiftingSand of TimeJun 22, 2009
Well, this is also called the Great Year, which was last calculated (guesstimated) by NASA at 25828 years.


yes thats why i wrote the word APPROXIMATEly 26000 years .. since even the mayans in the year BC would find it difficult to calculate the duration of the earth wobble .
But maybe these would be the synonimous with our YUGAS or epochs of time in hindu mytholody .We are currently traversing the last and fourth yuga ..Kali yuga .

… Our mythology says kalki is to come soon ..

Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungJun 23, 2009
Nats, I will urge you to be better informed on US history. The Continental Congress proposed the Articles of Confederation to the colonies but the Articles were not ratified by all 13 of the colonies for another 3.5 years.
(Sep 3, 2015 – Interesting link on American history at but not the original link that was there–that I could find on a quick check.)
Final ratification was on 1 March 1781. On that date, the Continental Congress actually ceased to exist, and the next stage of the national transformation began. The Articles of Confederation were put into place to offer some stability during the American Revolutionary War. They were intended as a temporary form of stability to the colonies while they were creating a stable Union, and they were in effect for seven years, till June 1788. There were many problems with the Articles, which were never intended as a permanent foundation. In fact, the inauguration of George Washington as the nation’s first president didn’t take place until 30 April 1789, after the Articles were no longer in use.
Articles of Confederation
George Washington’s Inaugural Address
As for the chart you offered, I could find no time (on the clock) to justify that noon hour used, and the Articles were not proposed in Philadelphia but in York, Pennsylvania.

Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungJun 23, 2009
Now I’m sorry, but again, the late Lois Rodden worked very hard and diligently to impress on Western astrology (and hopefully on all astrologers, regardless of which school) the need to strive for accuracy in data. Approximation of the Great Year at 26000 years or 25828 years–again, as I noted, last calculated, or guesstimated, by NASA–is simply not enough to present a convincing source of data for us to work with. If you work with charts for babies born a mere 3 minutes apart in the same location, you will find completely different events that will transpire in their lives. While they may have parallels in their lives, there will not be a guarantee that both people will have identical experiences. If it were a life-and-death situation, wouldn’t you want to be as sure as possible with what you were forecasting?
Similarly, when you are trying to present a case such as you have here, and as you have tried in another thread I’ll reply to, you cannot start with a speculative chart based on a loose time, a date that is based on a proposal that won’t even be accepted for 3.5 years, and a location that you have close to the site but not the site (York is near Philadelphia, but the two cities are not one, nor were they in 1777.).
With no disrespect intended to either you, your culture or Indian mythology, I’m not going to quiver in my boots just yet over these comments you’ve made based on speculation and inaccurate history. My reply to your other thread, I’m afraid, will be even briefer for the same reason.

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