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Michelle Young

Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungOct 20, 2008
The powerhouse itself – Sun – is a luminary. Linda Goodman must have her reasons to believe what she did. I am curious to know what were they?

Please don’t take this next comment as flippant. It’s not intended as such. I have never been a fan of Linda Goodman. While she was great from the marketing perspective of piquing the curiosity of people around the world, I feel she could have done more to wipe out the myths and stereotypes that her own brand of astrology (not school, brand) gave rise to.

Given that I am, thankfully, not Linda Goodman, I can’t tell you what her reasons were. 🙂 I suspect a huge portion of what she was doing, however, had to do with marketing. It was simple for people to grasp and, therefore, quick to catch on. She didn’t really do a thing differently than pop astrological magazines have done since Sidney Omarr came on the scene as a 15-yo (I recall reading he was 15 at that time) around the time of WWII. I’m not trying to put her down, mind you, simply to shed light on her not having done much, if anything, differently than Sidney Omarr and other Sun sign fluff astrologers had done through the years.

Please don’t think that I am contradicting you. My knowledge about the subject is next to nothing. I am just curious; and since I am ignorant, I have nothing else to hold but logic. 🙂

Abhishek, I don’t mind contradiction especially when offered with mutual respect, and I value logic. 🙂 You’re not ignorant. Your questions are good and viable. I can’t promise to be able to answer each of them, but they make good fodder for thought–and discussion.

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Michelle Astrology dp Michelle YoungOct 20, 2008
2. On afflicted planets – Don’t you think that there are some permutations of planets that tend to cancel one another’s effect, thereby making a person confused, and sometimes frustrated and guilty? I am not doubting Man’s (and Woman’s) will power. I am only talking about planetary influence here. The difficulty they create can certainly be overcome – I admit that. I am talking only about difficulty per se.

I think your wording here is coming at it in a way that sets us both up to fail in understanding and discussing the situation you’ve presented. Again, you’re stating that you’re talking about planetary influence. Since I believe there is no planetary influence entering into this, but rather our own evolving individual, group or collective energies, I don’t see how I can possibly answer this question to your satisfaction.