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Michelle Young

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungJan 18, 2008

life and Siddhartha
I’m going to answer you and then I’m going to start deleting these requests for two reasons:

1) They aren’t in the right thread. “Got questions” is the right thread within reason. I will not analyze people’s charts in that thread. There is another thread for that, and the line is currently closed till I get it pared down to humanly possible. The line has nearly 200 people ahead of you.

2) If you’re impatient, you can get a free computerized reading that will be fairly generic, but you will know your Sun and rising sign if you’ve put in the correct information including your exact time of birth and birthplace.

3) You can hope to win one of the contests for a free reading, but frankly there’s been such a poor showing with entries in those spontaneous contests (I’m not talking about the Serious Problem contest), I wonder if it’s worth my even running those anymore.

The bottom line is just because you want me to read your chart doesn’t mean it’s going to happen poof like that. There are many many people who have been waiting here with the patience of saints as I battled for my life nearly three years ago. I haven’t forgotten them, nor will I. The contests are set up for those who’d like to try for one of the occasional free spots.

life, I would suggest you try to enter one of the contests or wait very patiently till the line opens up. You apparently wanted to have a reading rather than knowing whether you had a Scorpio rising. Siddhartha, please take off the caps lock. It’s considered rude on the Internet.

You have a Scorpio Sun. There are 30° of each sign. The day you were born, the Sun was in the sign of Scorpio (and for the sake of those who are curious, in the constellation of Libra. There are 23.4° difference between the calculations based on the constellations [Jyotish] and the signs the planets are actually in [Western].
There is no such thing as a “normal” Scorpio or any other sign. [more]
Michelle Young – Jan 18, 2008
Clarifications about Indian and Western Astrology
I don’t know how many times and how many ways I can say this but here goes:
Indian astrology works with constellations, the Sidereal zodiac, precession, the lunar calendar, and the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu and Ketu. Indian astrologers tend to rely on fate-based prediction in addition to various remedies including rituals, talismans, and gemstones.

Rahu and Ketu are known as the nodes of the Moon in Western astrology. We don’t consider it as significant as Indian astrologers do.

The constellations use the same sign names as the planets, but there is a 23.4° calculation difference between the two. As a result, you may have your Moon calculated by Indian astrology in Scorpio, but your Moon may be in Scorpio or Sagittarius by Western calculation. They are both correct.

Western astrology does not use numerology. Numerology is considered a separate field of study.

Western astrology works with planets in the signs, the Tropical zodiac, the solar calendar, and the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto…and Chiron which is a planetoid and some astrologers work with fixed stars and the more than 16000 asteroids. I do not. Western astrologers rely on free will-based forecasts that are developed via analysis, interpretation and the individual’s free will. It’s not fate. We consider the person’s history and behavioral patterns in the determination of the forecast. The very things you may think are negative about yourself may be what helps to propel you to your personal greatest achievements and successes. If you know how to handle these things in yourself, then you can use them to your advantage rather than thinking they’re hindrances.

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungJan 18, 2008

Please read the two posts above. I’ve deleted yours. I’m not looking except to say you have a Scorpio Sun.