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Michelle Young

Murali SankarApr 13, 2010
Noooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungApr 13, 2010
My sentiments exactly, but at least there’s a little ray of sunshine here for me: I’ve been hoping to finish a sweater I’ve been knitting before we got together, and this gives me a little more time to see if I can. And who knows? Maybe this might even give Sumit a bit more time to see if he can come too………maybe…

(And maybe this might even give Irene and Jenny an opportunity to see if the detoured plans help their schedules any…we’ll see……..and yes, maybe I’m being a bit too positive, but better to be optimistic than not in this case.

Irene - Orkut shot Irene D’SilvaApr 15, 2010
I am travelling every week till mid-May. I was waiting to hear from my boss before I say anything here and today she asked me to book all my flights Out of luck again I guess

Derek & Shelley WarrenApr 18, 2010
@%#&%@#^& Mercury Let’s just hope that there’s no more volcano activity anywhere else.