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Michelle Young

Frank MooreMar 11, 2010
Sounds like fun, Michelle. Wish I could make it up there, but I have a vacation time deficit at the moment and can’t take any more until my accrual is on the plus side again. You’ll just have to have fun for me.

Priya - Orkut shot Priya DeshpandeMar 12, 2010


Oh no!!!!

BTW great Idea..

Kiran MurthyApr 3, 2010
is this plan still on? I have to book my tickets!

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungApr 3, 2010
Yes, it is. Niki is looking forward to connecting with you so the two of you can drive here together, in fact…and I’ve heard from Sachid, and he’s in the States and is hoping to drive in from NYC. Subodh is coming from Philadelphia.

Irene - Orkut shot Irene D’SilvaApr 11, 2010
Ohhh I am sure you all are getting ready to meet and partyyyy

Murali Murali SankarApr 11, 2010
Can’t you join in, Irene?

Irene - Orkut shot Irene D’SilvaApr 12, 2010
I will be out of town that weekend. Can’t skip…

Murali Murali SankarApr 12, 2010
same with me also.

But unlike you, i’ll be out of the whole continent!! 🙁

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungApr 13, 2010
Irene and Murali…
You won’t believe this but you guys aren’t going to miss a thing. The whole party just fell through! Niki is going to try to get here during the first week of May. He may have to work all weekend after he returns to Boston, but that’s only half of the story: Kiran has broken his ankle!!!!

See, Murali? You can save for the first week of May as can Irene! 😀

Seriously, we’re in a holding pattern till we hear more.