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One of my favorite astrological writers is Bil Tierney. No, his name is not misspelled. Only one “L” in his first name. I’ve been thinking about the way he writes and how he can put forth some amazing energy and understandings in his books. With that in mind, I wanted to share with you what he says about Saturn in Scorpio. Those of you who have Saturn in Scorpio natally will be going through your Saturn return at some point before Saturn leaves Scorpio and move on to Sagittarius. Those of you who don’t have Saturn in Scorpio natally will still benefit from Tierney’s words because you’ll find it useful by transit also. It’s not
easy to read from the emotional perspective, but don’t blame poor Saturn. He’s got help from Scorpio’s primary ruler, Pluto, and the secondary ruler, Mars. These are the heavy hitters. You know that already.

Tierney points to Scorpio’s control factor which he says is accentuated through Saturn at the same time “self-discipline [can] be taken to the extreme” and what may have started out as a firmly principled ideal can become compulsive and rigid. When you combine these two kinds of energies, you can discover that your negative feelings like fear end up blocking you from the the revelation of “inner mysteries” you may have hoped to find. We all need to remember when Saturn is in Scorpio that “we can be hard on ourselves psychologically.”
Tierney says, “We don’t seem to process our life experiences the easy way, which we’d have a better chance of doing if we took them at face value. Instead, we probe below life’s surface, where things can get darker and more complex.” I like Tierney’s description of Scorpio as an emotional cooker that often “processes too many conflicting energies at once.”

The 8th house is Scorpio’s natural home, and it brings to mind more than simple transformation. There’s a deep darkness here in the 8th, and that transformation tends to represent a series of life and death experiences, not from the physical sense as much as the transformative sense. I thought about Heath Ledger when I considered the 8th house, but he was born in April, and his time of birth is still unknown. By the Solar chart, he has Uranus placed in the 8th house, and his overdose probably could be considered appropriately there in a Grand Water Trine with Jupiter in the 4th and Mars and retrograde Mercury tightly conjunct in the 12th. According to AstroDataBank, his death was an accidental suicide by overdose. I look at Mars in the 12th, and it just doesn’t fit as “accidental” especially when the Solar chart would place his natal Chiron in the 1st house.

Anyway, Tierney points out that we all go through these transformations in our lives, although we are far more aware of our life clock when we’re more conscious of Scorpio. It’s not just the Sun. I feel it too. It’s not just the Moon or any other planet. It’s the presence of the Scorpio activation in the chart that often triggers such reactions. In terms of our negative responses to life, “toxic hostility resulting from long-term, seething resentments,” says Tierney, these things need to die just as the urge to destroy others who have wounded Scorpio in some way needs to die. These, Tierney says, are psychological complexes, and he urges Scorpio to recognize that such darkness needs to be “redeemed,” eradicated, or the native will “suffer in isolation.” He suggests that the best way to combat such self-destructive tendencies is to become empowered and to “psychologically survive its trials in life.”

Tierney does point out to the reader that Scorpio resists external pressure for change and won’t be likely to move at all without being spurred from the inside.

It’s a lot to think about, but I hope that will give you some food for thought as Saturn transits your chart, wherever Scorpio might be.

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungNov 22, 2012

If you’re interested in reading more of Tierney’s work, you might check out All Around the Zodiac: Exploring Astrology’s Twelve Signs or one of his other books related to the outer planets, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The work he’s done on the outer planets is incredible.

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungNov 22, 2012
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