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Michelle Young

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle Young – Feb 25, 2014

Wowwww! All the conversation since Mercury stationed! Okay, so we’re now back on the countdown toward Mercury Direct’s station on Friday here in the Western hemisphere, and some in the Eastern hemisphere will have to wait till Saturday morning. But perhaps the following will brighten your spirits since Mars is going retrograde on the 1st in the West and on the 2nd in the East, Saturn is going Direct roughly 24 hours later, on the 2nd in the West and on the 3rd in the East, and Jupiter is going Direct on the 6th of March!

I don’t know about any of you and how you’re doing, but I definitely have felt a lot more at ease over the last several days. It seems logical that all of these planetary directional changes might be a major contributing factor. We can talk about this. I’d really like to, but it certainly would be nice if I were able to get some questions, or even have my questions answered too. Some days, I feel like I’m talking to the walls…

Anyway, because of my lighter mood and my love for India and her people and what seems to be a mutual admiration society here, I saw something tonight that reminded me of an hilarious conversation I had with a friend in Bangalore when I was staying with her. We laughed ourselves silly one night over this, so please know that this is shared with much love and affection. 🙂 (It’s short, btw.)

Well, stay tuned. I’m going to be sharing a few things today. One I know you’ll love, and while I’ll post some in the Music, Music, Music thread, it will also be in the Incoming: Astrology Domine! thread because I’m going to analyze the chart that goes with it–and another of my rambles. This time on astrology, science, and fate–and I’m blaming it all on Neptune.