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Michelle Young

Sireesha - Orkut shot Sireesha Inturi – Feb 3, 2014

Reading all this, makes me feel good about the upcoming month, but will it be really good? I dont know. I can relate to the, “when things might have been tense enough that you were unconsciously grinding your teeth or needing some kind of relaxation because  your neck muscles were so tight”, not grinding my teeth, but tense enough for searching for some kind of relaxation

Expecto Patronum ! Expecto Patronum ! – Feb 3, 2014

Poor neck! And I thought it was tennis.

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle Young – Feb 3, 2014

lol I’m going to sleep in my bed for a few more hours now that my chair is done with me–again. [dizzy look] Both of you, Expecto and Sireesha, are cracking some good ones here! lol

Btw, three days into the SuperMoon (New Moon), and we have a snow storm on the way! I guess we’re expecting about 15.25 cm today (6 inches).