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Michelle Young

sireesha - Orkut shot Sireesha Inturi – May 20, 2012

glad that i am able to help. :-D. i too have to read this once more to absorb what you said. 

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle Young – May 21, 2012

I just finished watching the first show of Aamir Khan’s “Satyamev Jayate” from 6 May, and as I thought about the topic itself, I also thought about a distinguished member of our own community, Dr. Priya Deshpande and her community, “I Oppose Female Foeticide.” I’m afraid I’m a bit baffled how Scorpio has over 32000 members in over 8 years of existence and yet Dr. Priya’s community that has been operating now nearly 18 months only has 144 members. Surely the members of this community care as much about this crisis affecting India as they do about the heavens and what is going on in their own lives?!?! Please join Dr. Priya’s community!  %5BSep 1, 2015 – no longer valid link]

If you have a browser you’re using that shows the URL as, please use the following. I believe I’m doing it correctly for you: [Sep 1, 2015 – no longer valid link]

Don’t stop there. Get involved in her community. Ask questions. Talk about it. Learn about it! (Yes, I’m a member.)

You may not like the subject because it’s not fun, but look beyond yourself and consider the consequences. And if you still haven’t seen “Satyamev Jayate,” start with the first week’s show and devote an hour of your time to doing so. I, for one, intend to stay as a regular viewer of the show. 

This subject is one that should be painful for each of us to hear about. The pain means something is happening. Feel it. Respond to it. If you can’t get involved in any other way than being informed, even that would be a start. As I said yesterday, “We cannot straddle the fence. We cannot sit idly by and do nothing!” 

Priya - Orkut shot Priya Deshpande – May 21, 2012

Yes Michelle, The Show “Satyamev Jayate” is really taking up very important issues for discussion and action..

Up till now  Female foeticide (6th May), Sexual abuse of children (13th May) and dowry system in India (20th May) have been discussed by Amir Khan – the real Hero.. 

During each show my eyes were filled up with angry tears.  

Thanks Michelle for talking about “I Oppose Female Foeticide.”  I had promoted it in following tread Community Directory: Owned by Scorpio! members link is [Sep 1, 2015 – no longer valid link]