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Michelle Young

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle Young – May 19, 2012

Are we not still at Pluto as the motivator, the cause, the perpetrator of the abuses rather than allowing Persephone to have her pity party? Persephone is strong–as pointed out, “formidable, majestic and venerable and all too capable of effecting curses upon the souls of the dead through men.” Seems to me she’s quite capable of handling herself. 😉

Again, I’m not looking to divert or distract in any way. I did, in fact, order that book, as you know, and I intend to devour it because the process of the education itself is as valuable as the dissemination of knowledge being filtered into the brain where it can give rise to new growth, new understandings, progress…

A little more here, just rambling thoughts that weren’t yet unscrambled and reassembled because they’re fine as they are—as you’ll see:

Asteroids can become as obsessive as some of the challenges we find in the foundations of astrology, the progressions, the returns, even just the natals…

This is one of the things that kept me focused on the foundations of astrology (which already has so many layers) through the years instead of going crazy with more than 16k asteroids. But you know that. 🙂 There’s fine tuning, and there’s fine tuned obsession. You can add. You don’t need to count on your fingers.
[Sep 1, 2015: The arthistory.sbc,edu link is no longer valid. In its place, consider the following: and – far from what the paper offered, but still worth considering] [Sep 1, 2015 – from Lynn Koiner]

Someone shared something with me yesterday (now Saturday as I’m writing), and it fits to a degree: “Sometimes, I really get confused about two things, IMAGINATION and DREAMS. Really, what are they?”

I suppose the person could have amended it to three things: IMAGINATION, DREAMS…and NIGHTMARES. (Aur haan, dost—and yes, friend, they are indeed real things that happen to us all. That’s why I’m writing this.)

And that’s when it happened. I didn’t even realize it right away as events started to move ever so quickly that I didn’t know what to expect. This downright horrifying wave of utter despair washed over me as if I could have been swallowed by the earth and never returned, and I had no idea what had happened, only that I was feeling more alone than I had ever felt before that I could have remembered. How or why, I didn’t know. I’d been kind of up and down for a while, but absolutely nothing to compare with this!

It wouldn’t have been important or relevant to all of this seemingly mindless ramble, but a series of events unfolded over the next several hours at such a blurring speed, I really am not sure when, exactly, it started. Wednesday, maybe? And it hit me in the wee hours of Thursday? Maybe. I only know that the events became quite the lesson about Persephone, about Venus…about……………..

[composite of several sites in briefest form as they describe…] Pallas Athene: “She also rules the relations between fathers and daughters, indeed all incestuous and abusive relationships where an imbalance of power must be righted.” “Pallas, the wise, female warrior, gives meaning and direction to the struggles of women to be free from the oppressive domination of the masculine forces.” “’Astrologically Pallas Athene describes how we face the issues of learning, creativity, the arts, politics, healing, alienation from relationships, competition, and the fears of success.’” “Also known as the virgin goddess of wisdom, Pallas Athene was ranked so high by the Greeks that only Jupiter/Zeus out-ranked her. Of course the reason for this is the fact that it was Jupiter who “birthed” her, at least according to Homeric legend which declared she sprang from the head of her father as a full-grown warrior queen, clad in armor and bellowing a victory shout. Only to someone like Jupiter would such a woman be considered ‘Daddy’s Little Girl.'” “Of course Zeus, who felt it his godly duty to mate with anything female, particularly those that showed him any kindness, pursued her until he managed to get her pregnant. Shortly thereafter, however, Gaia and Uranus warned Mr. Stud Muffin that Metis’ child would become king of gods and men. This, of course, was not good news as this would displace Jupiter/Zeus from his godly position. Thus, he did what any Greek god would do and consumed her whole.” “For whatever reason, probably as the result of extreme indigestion, Jupiter/Zeus contracted a blinding headache. Being a bit inclined toward drama, he had someone split his head open with a double-edged axe and poof! Pallas Athene was born. Is it any wonder she was his favorite?